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May 02 2011

April 22 2011

3D-Printed U-Boat

Make: Online

Matthew LaBerge of Minneapolis, MN, printed Thingiverse user Skimbal’s U-Boat. I just love his technique for getting away from the printer during the monster all-day prints — he watches from his iPad using a webcam and the Go2MyPC remote access app.

April 18 2011

3D print a mini-lathe

Ponoko - Blog

The EZ Lathe: a printable small-scale lathe.

As exciting as it always is to see a digital design made physical with 3D printing, there is something particularly special about 3D printing another machine. Machines making machines brings to mind robots bent on world domination and fully automated moon-based factories. While it’s pretty unlikely that this mini-lathe will subjugate the world, it...

April 11 2011


MakerBot Industries

Make Your Own Gears by Dustyn Roberts

Make Your Own Gears by Dustyn Roberts

I don’t know about you, but I am continually envious of the really excellent designs up on Thingiverse that make use of gears.  Greg Frost, Emmett, and Whosawhatsis have been rocking Thingiverse lately with their incredible designs incorporating gears.  But, what’s a simple blogger with zero gear-knowledge supposed to do?

Well, Chris Connors, teacher and

April 07 2011

Laser-Cut Polygonal Sculptures

Make: Online

Paul Kinsky of Worcester, MA, developed an algorithm that transforms 3D models into laser-cut pieces that can be assembled into a physical version of that model.

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April 04 2011

Dexter Work Sled by Stephan Angoulvant


Dexter from Stéphan Angoulvant on Vimeo.

I've been following Stephan's work since he started a blog about his experiences at Art Center a few years ago. He recently posted a great video of his Dexter Work Bench prototype in action. I love the straightforward honesty and timelessness of this design. Check out the full process HERE.


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April 01 2011

TV-B-Gone police edition!

adafruit industries blog

Tvbgonekit Lrg-1

Steve writes in…

A local maker bought some kits from me while ago, including a TV-B-Gone. Turns out he’s also a local cop.

He started raving about how great it would be to have a TV-B-Gone packaged for cops. He said that often they arrive at a house and there are one or more TVs blaring and people screaming, especially in domestic abuse cases, and he would love to have a way to shut down all...

3D printer gets a big resolution improvement

Hack a Day

[Jose Carlos Veloso Junior] has been working on his 3D printer to improve the resolution. We looked in on his project back in October when he was printing the blue busts like the one seen above.

We were impressed by the resolution he was able to achieve back then, using liquid resin that is cured with visible light. The resin creates a thin layer on a glass tray, and is cured when a projector...

March 30 2011

Tutorial: Arduino and Infra-red control

Birds on the Wire

Welcome back fellow Arduidans! In this article we will look at something different to the usual, and hopefully very interesting and useful – interfacing our Arduino systems with infra-red...

Kickstart Diatom's SketchChair: Furniture Designed by You



SketchChair marks the first Kickstarter project by Diatom, a design studio based in London and Lisbon. The project consists of an open-source software design tool that allows anyone, tech-savvy or otherwise, to design—and, if the project is Kickstarted, build—his or her own bespoke furniture.


Principals Greg Saul and Tiago Rorke met while studying industrial design at Victoria University of...

February 21 2011


SparkFun Electronics - Recent News Posts

PowerPoint is so 1997. Well, ok, I'll admit PowerPoint still has its place - but jazzing it up a little bit is always a good idea. One way to do that is to use Vmarker - a new, interactive digital whiteboard.

The Vmarker uses a 72Mhz ARM Cortex M3 processor with 20KB RAM and 128kB flash memory and connects to your computer via USB. Basically, you use an IR "marker"to point to whatever you a...

February 10 2011

Hershey Text: An Inkscape extension for engraving fonts

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories


Hershey Text is an Inkscape extension that can render a line of text in one of several stroke-based "engraving" fonts. This extension solves a persistent problem, and one which we have come across in many different contexts: How to easily create simple and readable vector representations of text.

Quick start: Download the latest version of this extension here, and install it like a regular...

February 02 2011

Shiny acrylic MAME box

Hack a Day

This nice table-top MAME arcade features a two-toned acrylic case. [Fabricio] spent about 50-60 hours designing the 29 parts that make up the enclosure. Originally the sides were meant to be orange but one design flaw meant he had to have them recut and only had enough black stock for the job. But we like it this way. The screen is just over ten inches and inside you’ll find a mini-ITX...

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February 01 2011

Unicorn G-Code Extension for Inkscape

Thingiverse - Newest Things

One problem that has often plagued users of the MakerBot Unicorn[1] is the long and confusing chain of tools required to go from a nice vector drawing to a G-Code file that can be plotted from ReplicatorG.

mifga did an awesome tutorial[2] that made it possible to understand the steps needed to work all of these tools, but it was obvious that something better was needed.

So, I made a mashup of...

January 31 2011

Nanocade turns your netbook into a lap-friendly arcade cabinet


Nanocade turns your netbook into a lap-friendly arcade cabinet
We'd all like our own personal arcade like Flynn's, but sadly personal finances and a lack of square footage can make that a challenge. The Nanocade is much more affordable and, conveniently, much smaller too. It's a kit from designer Rasmus Sorensen that enables you to turn a netbook or mini-ITX motherboard and 10.1-inch display into a wee MAME cabinet. If you have such a donor machine when...

Rotary tool accessories

Thingiverse - Newest Things

After looking at the some pricey name brand rotary tool accessories, at the hardware store... I asked myself, what am I doing!? I have an awesome bot that can make these, so I got to designing and here they are.

Circle cutter attachment- Cut large circles that would normally require careful jigsawing or just use it to for doing more controlled cuts.

Sharpener attachment- Sharpen anything that...

January 30 2011

Sousviduino Interface
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