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April 17 2015

October 18 2011

folding wood

Designboom - Weblog

dutch digital manufacturing company snijlab has developed new possibilities of working with wood. using laser cutting technique they make tiny cuts in wooden sheets that allow it to be flexible. once processed the wood can be fully bent in both directions without breaking.
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September 24 2011

September 09 2011

Program an Arduino using your sound card

Hack a Day


[Chris] wrote us to share a neat technique he has been using to program the Arduinos he uses in his projects. He likes to build bare bones Arduino clones rather than sacrifice full dev boards, and instead of programming them via traditional means, he is using his computer’s sound card.

He builds a simple dead bug Arduino (which he calls an Audioino) using a handful of resistors, a pair of caps, ...

September 02 2011

Manhattan-Style Circuit in a Copper Cladding Chassis


Yesterday, we posted about a technique used in ham radio to solder together project boxes/radio chassis using PCB copper cladding. Some folks, in comments and on the twitters, were wondering how well this works. Take a look. Here’s a lovely Wheatstone Bridge Regenerative (WBR) Receiver built inside of such a chassis using the Manhattan-style circuit construction technique (using small pads as c...

August 25 2011

Counting Box


Nathan Pryor of Vancouver, WA, built this counting box for his son.

My 4-year-old son loves counting and numbers, so I built him a dedicated counting box. Select a value from 1-10 with the rotary switch in the middle, then push the big green arcade button to add that to the total shown on the LED display, or push the red button to subtract it. It’s driven by an ATMega, and the box itself is...

August 23 2011

$10 million in VC funding for MakerBot Industries

adafruit industries blog

Thing-O-Matic Product 800

All-Star Lineup Invests in MakerBot « MakerBot Industries. Bre writes -

Today, I’m excited to announce that MakerBot is taking $10 million in investment, with Foundry Group leading the round. Our investors are really invested–while Brad Feld and Foundry Group were getting to know us, they built their own MakerBot; you can visit Brad’s Thingiverse page to see what they’ve been printing! Foundry...

August 22 2011

Arduino Dashboard App

adafruit industries blog

Pt 101461

Arduino Dashboard App @ LVL1.

ArduinoDashboard is an application for viewing analog and digital pin sensor values from an arduino in real time. This can be used with any arduino sketch and now has compiled versions with no need to download ide. Sources included as well.

This is good to see, more processing + Arduino.

August 08 2011

Spherical Projector

Thingiverse - Newest Things

A writeup with links and images is on my blog:

Since reading Snow Crash, I’ve been drawn to the idea of having my own personal Earth. Because I’m stuck in reality and the virtual version of it is always 5 years away, I’m building a physical artifact that approximates the idea: an interactive spherical display. This ...

August 03 2011

Autodesk Acquires Instructables

Fabbaloo Blog

3D software giant Autodesk, makers of Maya, Revit, 3DS Max and AutoCAD announced they've acquired Instructables. Instructables provides do-it-yourself instructions for a wide variety of projects, some of which involve 3D printing. Instructables chief Eric J. Wilhelm says: 
Autodesk gives us the scale and support to grow and improve Instructables, build some great apps, and continue our mission...

August 02 2011

The Ember Kit — An Open-Source Sous-Vide Kit

adafruit industries blog

Abe wrote in to tell us about his open-source sous-vide kit, called Ember Kit. He writes:

This is a picture of everything you will get with the Ember Kit.  The round holes in the face are double-drilled, but both will be completely covered (one by the knob, one by a sticker).

The Ember Kit is a box for controlling a heater (or cooler, or whatever) to maintain the temperature precisely.  It uses...

July 22 2011

Reflow Oven Controller Shield

adafruit industries blog

Most of us simply can’t afford an industrial reflow oven and this pain was also felt by the folks over at Rocket Scream Electronics.  So armed with an idea and some help from the Adafruit Reflowduino sample code, the Reflow Oven Controller Shield was born.  The shield is based off the familiar MAX6675 Thermocouple Amplifier and the PID library written by Brett Beauregard.

Toss in a few solid...

June 30 2011

Sous Vide Lamb With Caramelized Carrot Demi-Glace and Leek Marrow

Seattle Food Geek

lamb with carrot demi and leek marrow

It’s been a while since I cooked a meal for the blog, so when a leg of lamb arrived at my doorstep (care of the lovely folks at the American Lamb board), I took that as a sign that I should get my ass in the kitchen.  I’ve been on a carrot kick all spring, and I’ve made several variations of the caramelized carrot soup from Modernist Cuisine.  It occurred to me that the deep, sweet flavor of...

June 06 2011

From Illustrator to Eagle: Vector graphics in circuits « todbot blog

adafruit industries blog

Ill To Eag

From Illustrator to Eagle: Vector graphics in circuits @ todbot blog

Eagle is a great cross-platform, free-for-non-commercial-use tool for many of us designing own own circuit boards. But it has a pretty glaring omission: the ability to import vector artwork to use as board outlines, logos, etc. You can import bitmaps via the finicky “import_bmp.ulp” ULP add-on, but bitmaps can’t work for...

May 29 2011

May 26 2011

Clever program depixelizes old games, makes Mario go soft


Clever program depixelizes old games, makes Mario go soft

If you've played Super Mario Bros. on your $85,000 HD 3DTV, you might have noticed how the game has been looking especially 8-bit as of late. We now have a computer algorithm that can automatically fix that for you, and make Mario look as smooth as a freshly-installed toilet fixture.

May 19 2011

Centrifuged Pea Butter and corn Water

Seattle Food Geek

Pea butter is one of the primary reasons I was compelled to put a laboratory centrifuge in my house.  It is an iridescent, velvety substance produced in miniscule quantities by spinning peas at high G-forces.  It’s also one of the most vivid flavors I’ve ever tasted, and I needed to make it at home.

The existence of pea butter was unearthed by the Modernist Cuisine team, using a centrifuge the...

May 13 2011

Poor men’s laser cutter

Pleasant Hardware

IMG_2345.jpgI know, a CNC mill ain’t a laser cutter. But it’s as close as it gets for me in the foreseen future.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happy with printing 3D stuff in plastic. As matter of fact, I used far more printed parts during the build of my new CNC mill than I had planned in the beginning. But there are quite some situations, when printed plastic just isn’t the best choice material for an...

May 02 2011

Concrete Benchtop Design
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